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India’s Famous Authors and Their Books



Dr APJ Abdul kalam ·         Ignited Minds

·         Unleashing the Power within India

·         You are Born to Blossom

·         My Journey

·         India 2020 -A vision for the New                    Millennium

·         Wings of Fire

Amrita Pritam

·         Kora Kagaz

·         Death of a City

·         Kagaz Te Kanwas

Amartya Sen ·         Development of Freedom

·         The idea of Justice

Abul Kalam Azad ·         India Wins Freedom

Amish Tripathi


·         The Immortals of Meluha

·         The Secret of the nagas

·         The oath of the Vayuqutras

Anuradha Roy ·         The Folded Earth
Anuradha Adiga ·         The White Tiger
Asha Purna Devi ·         Subarnalata
Aurobindo Ghosh ·         Life Divine
Bankim Chandra  Chattopadhyay ·         Devi Chaudharani

·         Anand Math

Balwant Gargi ·         Naked Triangle
BG Tilak ·         Gita Rahashya
BR Ambedkar ·         What Congress and Gandhi have done to untouchables
Chetan Bhagat ·         One night @ the call centre

·         Making India Awesome

·         Revolution 2020

·         Half Girlfriend

·         One Indian Girl

Brig JP Dalvi ·         Himalayan Blunder
Dada Bhai Naoroji ·         Poverty and Un-British Rule in India
Daisy Mason ·         The To-Let House
Din Bandhu Mitra ·         Neel Darpan
Dr Radha Krishnan ·         Hindu View of Life
Dr Rajendra Prasad ·         India Divided
Pranab Mukherjee  


·         The Congress and The Making of Indian Nation

·         The Dramatic Decade The Indira Gandhi Year’s

·         Selected Speech (Vol.1, 2 and 3)

Gen Ayub Khan ·         Friends not Master
Gopal Krishna Gandhi ·         Of a Certain Age: Twenty Life Sketches
Gopinath Mohanty ·         Moti Mahal
Govindra Mishra ·         Dhool Paudho Par
Hamid Ansari ·         Travelling Through Conflict
IK Gujral ·         Matters of Discretion(Autobiography)
Indira Gandhi ·         My Truth
Imran Hashmi ·         The Kiss of Life
Janardan Thakur ·         All the Prime minister’s men
Jaswant Singh ·         Jinnah-India partition, Independence
Jawaharlal Nehru ·         Bunch of Old letters

·         Glimpses of World History

·         Letters from a Father to her Daughter

·         The Discovery of India

JP Narayan ·         Prison Diary

·         To all Fighters of Freedom, Why Socialism

Jyotiba Phule ·         Ghulam Giri and other Stories
Khushwant Singh ·         The Sunset Club

·         Sahibs who Loved India

·         Why I Supported the Emergency

·         Truth, Love and A Little Malice

·         We Indians

·         A Bride for Sahib

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