GK in English General Knowledge

Railway most important Science question

Valency of Halogen Group? – 1

Which is the inert gas in the fourth period?Kr

Largest joint of body= Knee

Valency of nitrogen ? – 3

Scientific name of Apple? – Malus

Scientific name of Elephant? – Loxodonta

What will be the electro-negativity on moving left to right in the Periodic table? Increase

King of Acid – H2SO4

What is the chemical name of CaO? – Calcium oxide

What is the chemical name of H2SO4? – Sulfuric acid

Male Chromosomes are represented by? – 44+XY / 22+XY

Period that does not Contain any Metalloids? – 1st Period and 7th Period

Which acid is present in Lemon? – Citric Acid

4th Period has how many elements? – 18 elements

Ethanoic acid has which group? -COOH

How many elements are found in Mendeleev Periodic table? – 63

What is the molecular mass of Ozone? – 48 

Which is the stable tissue in plant? – Xylem

Formula of Alkene? – CnH2n

For what purpose convex mirror is used? – Side view

Which group is termed as Zero Group?18

Which is the strongest metal?

What is the scientific name of CAT?Felis Catus

How many light years is called one parsec?3.262

Which gas is produced when lightning occurs?
-Nitrous oxide

Which is the heaviest metal in the periodic table?

Molecular Mass of NaCl – 58.5

Alternate current was discovered by – Nicola Tesla

Formula for Momentum= M*V

Quick Silver – Hg (Mercury)

Largest muscle – Gluteus maximus

Which family does Boron belong to? – Metalloid

Male reproductive organ in flower – Stamens

How many ribs are there in a snake’s body? 24

pH value of Aqua Regia – 1 to 3

Chemical name of vitamin B12 – Cyanocobalamin

Whose unit candela is? – Luminous intensity

What types of mirror are used by dentists? – concave mirrors

Which metal is kept in kerosene oil? – Sodium

What is the disease caused by deficiency of vitamin D? – Rickets

 What is artificial rain? – Moisture is induced artificially in clouds to induce rainfall. Either potassium iodide, silver iodide or dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) are spread onto clouds in this process.

How is ultrasound detected? – using ultrasonic devices

What is blood cancer known as? – Leukemia

Which gas is released when bleaching powders meet with water? – Chlorine

How long is RBC’s life? –120 days

Bio gas is made up of? – Methane

Transformer works and which principle does it work on? – Faraday’s Law

pH value of NaCl? – 7

DDT pesticide is used for? – To protect plants from pests.

Where is protein digested? – Small Intestine

Which enzyme is responsible for digestion? – Bile

Which disease is known as Royal Disease? – Haemophilia

Rate of change of momentum is called and its unit? – Force, N (Newton)

Unit of Resistance – Ohm

HCL full form – Hydrochloric Acid

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